Bridal gown preservation

You’ve dreamed about your wedding day since you were a young girl. The dress is exactly as you pictured it. But now, the day is over. Caring for your dress after the wedding will keep it in perfect condition, so bridal gown preservation is an important thing to consider. Professional cleaners are well practiced in bridal gown preservation and formal wear preservation, allowing you to make everything timeless. You’ll be able to go back and look at your dress or your husband’s suit for years when you trust an NYC dry cleaning company. Keep your dress in perfect condition with the best bridal gown preservation services on Long Island.

Dry cleaning and storage on LI for a wedding dress

Bridal gown preservation is a multi-step process. First, preservation specialists from an NYC dry cleaning company will treat the dress for any hidden stains, damage, or odors, restoring the original fit and fall of the dress. Then they use a unique process that allows them to protect the dress and store it in carefully monitored conditions. Wedding dress storage is important because it needs to be temperature, light, and moisture controlled, or else the colors will be dulled and water will eat away at the fabric. You can check back in with your dress and relive your big day as often as you want, though experts from an NYC dry cleaning company recommend once every two years or so at minimum.

Dry cleaning and alterations

Wedding dress alterations would be another service to consider. Whether that’s before or after the big day, an NYC dry cleaning company can take care of anything you want fixed on the dress. Tightening the bust, re-hemming the bottom, and fixing the lace or beadwork are all easy tasks for the expert tailors employed by an NYC dry cleaning company. They recognize how important the dress is to making sure your day goes off without a hitch and they know you’ll have so many good memories associated with the dress; it has to be perfect. You can also pass your dress on to your daughter. If it fits her differently, you’ll need wedding dress alterations as well. 

Wedding dress alterations are also popular after the big day. You might not realize this, but you don’t actually have to give up your dress after your wedding day anymore. More and more women are repurposing their dresses to wear to formal events. If you like the bodice of your dress, for example, you can have the bottom altered. You can even have it dyed a different color if you so choose. An NYC dry cleaning company will create a fantastic looking dress that you’ll be able to wear to formal parties, business functions, or any other future event.