Dry Cleaning in Old Westbury and Old Westbury Specialty Cleaning Services

Proclaimed as New York’s most expensive suburb and the second-wealthiest town in the entire United States (second only to Palm Beach, Florida), Old Westbury is a village in Nassau County, Long Island with residents belonging to the upper crust of American society.  These families include a lot of America’s “old rich,” from everyone from the Vanderbilts to the Du Ponts; these elite families know the need for high-end dry cleaning in Old Westbury and other Old Westbury specialty cleaning places.

A lot of Old Westbury dry cleaners and establishments for alterations and tailoring in Old Westbury know exactly how to properly care for fine garments and clothing. Several places for dry cleaning in Old Westbury have catered to the needs of this storied community. Everything from wedding gown preservation & Old Westbury repair and restoration services to places for seasonal storage & Old Westbury cold storage companies deal with the cream of the crop and are used to offering high quality, “Old Westburyspecialty cleaning services for their discerning clientele.

The village, which is also home to businessmen, celebrities and athletes, has a string of these quality Old Westbury dry cleaners that know the ins and outs of dry cleaning. In Old Westbury, residents are wealthy, well-connected and have expensive wardrobes that are used to only the best treatment. Old Westbury dry cleaners know these requirements and are exacting in their trade. These places for dry cleaning in Old Westbury—oftentimes the same places that also offer wedding gown preservation & Old Westbury dress restoration services—have also been around for years, building a trusted reputation for being able to handle the finest garments with utmost care.

Seasonal Storage & Old Westbury Cold Storage Places

The wealthy Long Island village of Old Westbury, like the rest of the state of New York, has cold winters and sweltering summers. Their residents, although living in large and spacious homes, also benefit from having seasonal storage. Old Westbury dry cleaning establishments offer this service to their clients, as well as alterations and tailoring in Old Westbury for their garments that need extra tweaking per season.
When it comes to seasonal storage, Old Westbury cleaners have roomy spaces to keep their clients’ winterwear and other seasonal pieces of clothing. The rule of thumb when keeping clothes in seasonal storage—Old Westbury or otherwise—is to send clothes out to Old Westbury dry cleaners. This ensures that all soils are removed beforehand.