Fur Cleaning and Storage

At Arthur Copeland, we tend to your furs. Furs that are cleaned and cared for properly
can last a lifetime

We employ thorough cleaning and glazing methods to remove all dirt and residue that accumulates from use.

> Gentle tumbling and vacuuming is used to remove all dust and dirt, giving your fur a safe and thorough cleaning.

> Our glazing methods ensure that the natural oils lost over time are fully restored, giving your fur the sheen and luster you fell in love with when you first laid eyes on it.

The professionals at Arthur Copeland ensure that your fur will return to you safely and dirt-free.

Our storage methods ensure the preservation of your fur’s longevity by taking it out of the sweltering New York summer and safeguarding it at the perfect temperature, keeping it fresh and clean until the turning of the season.

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