Green Cleaning

Arthur Copeland's CO-2 Cleaning process uses harmless liquid Carbon dioxide as a cleaning agent. It is considered a safe method of dry cleaning by the U.S.E.P.A.
Truly green. Truly gentle. Truly Clean

Every step of this process has been designed with the enviorment in mind. Our CO-2 cleaning process cleans in liquid carbon diozide, the same stuff that adds "fizz" to your soda. Don't be fooled by dry cleaners advertising "organic" dry cleaning. Better for you and your clothes.

CO-2 cleaning process is unique heat-free drying process is good for your clothes, even delicates. When your clothes are regulary cleansed, it helps them to look better and last longer.

CO-2 cleaning process offers the most effective cleaning available it gets out more dirt and stains. Clothes cleand by CO-2 cleaning process are odor free with noticeably vivid colors, true darks and bright whites.