Jamaica Estates High End Dry Cleaner | Arthur Copeland Cleansers

The affluent community of Jamaica Estates is no stranger to the world of fine clothing and linens. And if you live here, you’ve probably been looking for just the right dry cleaner to care for your furs or to clean and store your fine clothing in the off-season. Arthur Copeland Cleansers is the high end dry cleaner serving Jamaica Estates that can handle all those needs, plus clean and restore your leather shoes, handbags and luggage.

Do you have a wedding gown that needs to be cleaned and restored? Arthur Copeland Cleansers can handle that. We can also clean your fine furs, prepare them for storage, and help keep them looking lustrous and new by restoring the natural oils that are lost with time and wear. Your fur coat will last longer when you trust the experts to clean, preserve and store it away from the harsh New York summers!

Besides furs and wedding gowns, Arthur Copeland Cleansers can also clean and store your off-season clothes -- so you have more space in your closet, and your garments are less likely to be wrinkled or damaged by moths or other insects.

Naturally, we offer all the high-end dry cleaning services and alteration services that you’d expect, including convenient pick-up and delivery of your garments. That makes us the natural choice for all your dry cleaning needs in Jamaica Estates.