Manhasset High End Dry Cleaner | Arthur Copeland Cleansers

Manhasset is as famous for its “Miracle Mile” of upscale shops that attract shoppers from all over Long Island as it is for being one of the best places to raise a family. For those who live in Manhasset and are looking for high end dry cleaning services to keep their valuable clothing, furs and leather goods in top condition, you can’t do better than near-by Arthur Copeland Cleansers.

We offer not only excellent dry cleaning services, but can also clean, restore and store your wedding gown. We also offer cleaning and storage of your out-of-season clothes, so you gain more closet space for the clothes that are in use and a safer way to store the garments you’re not using -- without stains, wrinkles or mothballs.

Arthur Copeland Cleansers also offers leather and suede cleaning and restoration in Manhasset. Got a leather handbag or piece of luggage that looks worn or has handles that are discolored from skin oils? We can remove those oils and make your leather goods look new again. We can replace missing zippers and are experts at color matching. We also clean your designer shoes and keep them in excellent condition.

Need storage for your furs in the off-season? Arthur Copeland Cleansers in Manhasset can handle that for you. We remove dust and dirt from furs and use a special glazing process to restore the oils that give your fur its special sheen and softness.

Of course, Arthur Copeland Cleansers offers Manhasset residents a full range of fine dry cleaning services, including pick-up and delivery of your garments. Choose us for your high end dry cleaning needs.