Arthur Copeland Cleaners does not use damaging chemicals to clean and preserve wedding gowns. Most dry cleaners use a process that relies on harmful chemical elements such as “perc.” This technique is widespread in the US-95% of dry cleaners use this process that could irreparably damage your gown. We believe in a far more subtle and sophisticated technique that relies on using best industry practices.
Cleaning your dress properly and responsibly is the first step in our all-natural preservation process. The goal is to restore your dress to the same condition it was in when you first tried it on.

Museum Quality Preservation

Understanding the delicate nature of your special garment can help you make an informed decision about the available preservation techniques.
During normal wear, skin oils and perspiration are absorbed into the fabric—wine, champagne, or other sugary beverages may have even spilled on your dress—these organic compounds will damage the fabric if they are not neutralized or removed. We will wrap your gown in acid-free fibers before placing it in a permanently acid-free textile storage box. The storage box needs to be kept in an appropriate area. Remember:
  • Temperature and humidity levels need to be kept as constant as possible
  • Avoid spaces that are close to heating or air conditioning vents, pipes, and direct sunlight.
  • Open your box and inspect your gown every 2–3 years.
  • Always wash your hands with a small amount of baking soda and warm water before handling this garment.
Our head preservationist studied fine art conservation at the School of Visual Arts and at New York University. We follow the same stringent guidelines adopted by world-class museums.

Customer Impressions

” I had a wonderful experience using Arthur Copeland Cleaners to clean and preserve my wedding dress. The process was easy. Everyone I met and spoke to on the phone was very professional and able to answer any questions I had. They stayed in contact with me via phone and email when the dress was ready. I had asked if I could see my dress after it was cleaned and before they put it in the preservation box. No problem! My husband and I decided to take the dress home from the store that day but they would have delivered it to our apartment for no extra charge. I would highly recommend! ” – Jennifer Colins